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MINIM 001 Various Artists

Promising imprint MINIM deliver their first Various Artists: a tasty four-pack of original mixes from a tight squad of global talents. Ukraine native Yaroslav Lenzyak kicks it off for this vinyl-only imprint with “You And Me,” an ethereal, epic roller, fourteen minutes of round bass and chunky kicks with pads evoking nature’s beauty from space. Fellow countryman duo ANMS follow with “Animous,” a shuffling breakbeat that ebbs and flows like waves crashing on a solid 4×4 shoreline. Romanian beatmaker Octave brings the chunky breaks front and center with “The Mist,” percussives building tension like a roadster charging through the night, with just enough bass wobble that you ask yourself: is this safe? Time to bounce – Peruvian duo Kike Mayor & He Did bring it all home with “Volviendo A Casa,” a bubbly syncopated romp with porcelain bleeps and black rubber bass.


Time Warp Festival is coming to America for the second year in a row.

The German techno institution is the world’s leading indoor festival for electronic dance music, now celebrating its 21st year. After critically acclaimed Time Warp ’20 Years Tour’ editions in Mannheim, Germany and a South American debut in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the celebrated festival comes back to the US, this time by way of Brooklyn. Discerning dance music fans are in store for a breathtaking experience, where music, dance and technology collide, for a celebration right out of the heart of electronic music’s underground.


This year’s lineup is as impressive as they come for Time Warp Standards and for the
first time bringing Ricardo Villalobos, a long time favorite in the underground scene to NY as well. Making this the most anticipated festival of the year to hit the area.

Time Warp is already world renown for their high standards of production by artists and fans alike. They are committed to bringing the same elaborate stage designs, extravagant dance floor settings, and state-of-the-art video, lighting and laser technology to NYC, delivering each event at the cutting-edge intersection of technology and music.

Join us for an unforgettable weekend, in the city that never sleeps, as we make history together on the dancefloor.